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Poll: Where do you think Spurs will finish this season?

Spurs Premier League


In my last post, I predicted a sixth place finish for Spurs – although with the caveat that it would be a “better sixth”.

This may be a little pessimistic but I am trying to avoid falling into the usual pattern of: getting swept up in a new wave of optimism because of new signings/a new manager/irrational hope, only for the disappointment and depression to have returned by Christmas.

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Premier League predictions / preview – where will Spurs finish?

Premier League Predictions


The new Premier League season starts this weekend. With lots of new signings and several managerial changes, many teams will be optimistic, but how long will that optimism last?

After correctly predicting this summer’s World Cup final, I thought I’d have a go at forecasting the top positions in this year’s league – including where I think Spurs are likely to end up – as well as previewing the likely contenders.

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