Please Daniel Levy, do whatever it takes…

It’s quite a while since I have posted here, but the current crisis at Spurs has moved me to put pen to paper (well metaphorically speaking). It feels like this could be a key point in Tottenham’s future, a moment where two very different timelines diverge.

In one timeline, Levy appoints Antonio Conte, or more probably a lesser equivalent. Maybe this will work in the short term and it should certainly be a lot more fun than life under Nuno. But it feels like another vanity choice, not so dissimilar from his obsession to appoint Mourinho, if very different in footballing style.

But in another timeline, Levy is brave enough to copy the most successful coaching appointment in his long Tottenham tenure – Mauricio Pochettino.

When Spurs appointed the Argentine, he was an up and coming manager, with a relatively short track record at smaller clubs. On the face of it, it was a bit of a gamble but everything about him was positive and fresh. From his modern and progressive, high intensity pressing style of football, to the obvious bond he had with his players at Southampton.

Early in the hunt for a replacement for Mourinho it seemed that Levy recognised this, writing in his program notes about Spurs’ DNA and making a failed attempt to attract then RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann. But then something changed, maybe caused by the arrival of Fabio Paratici.

But this is surely the direction the Tottenham chairman should return to, made more clear by the failed Nuno experiment. And the best candidate based on this criteria is surely the Brighton Manager, Graham Potter.

Potter has taken a recently promoted club to the top half of the table using modern, progressive tactics, an easy on the eye brand of football, and he exudes a calm confidence. Remind you of anyone?

Of course any appointment is a gamble and it may not work, but it would give the fans some hope that there was a plan and a possibility things might improve. We may end up in mid table anyway but at least we wouldn’t have had to sit through hours of tedious football to get there.

So please Daniel, do whatever it takes to get him.


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