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Spurs 2 Arsenal 2 – A roller coaster of a match ends in a missed opportunity


What an enthralling roller-coaster of a game. What a crazy seven minutes from 1-0 down to 2-1 and a man up. What a 14 minutes of heaven until Sanchez brought us back down to earth. Continue reading

Arsenal 1 Spurs 1- Pochettino reduces Wenger to Allardyce-ball

Kane Scores Against Arsenal

I don’t think it would be going too far to say this was the most impressive Spurs performance at Arsenal in recent times. 75 minutes of high intensity Pochettino football. It almost looked like the hosts had mistakenly taken the field against Bayern again, granted minus the clinical finishing. Continue reading

North London Derby Dissected – Arsenal Spurs

Mason and Wilshire

Spurs travel to the Emirates this Sunday for their biggest game of the season so far.

Both teams come into the match on a strong run of form in the league, sitting first and second in the form table. However, their mid-week experiences could not have been more different. A fantastic last minute winner for Spurs to lift their spirits. A dispiriting drubbing for Arsenal. Continue reading

Fazio-gate and reasons to be cheerful about Manchester City

Fazio CapitalOne Cup

There’s been a lot of noise on Twitter this week regarding Mauricio Pochettino’s team selection in midweek against Spurs’ bitter rivals. I understand the frustration but in this case I think it’s a little unfair. Continue reading

Arsenal Spurs Preview – tactics, team and why this game may actually suit us

Arsenal Spurs Preview


I have to admit, I’m quite worried about this game. Normally I approach the North London derby with an unjustified sense of optimism but I think this match may have come a little bit too soon for the Pochettino revolution.

After an initial surge of positivity, the last few games have brought Spurs fans back down to earth as the usual problems resurface. When Tottenham were 1-0 down on Wednesday night against Forest, Twitter was filled with outrage and predictions that Pochettino wouldn’t last past Christmas. Knee-jerk reactions are par for the course on social media but it’s Continue reading