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Arsenal Spurs Preview – tactics, team and why this game may actually suit us

Arsenal Spurs Preview


I have to admit, I’m quite worried about this game. Normally I approach the North London derby with an unjustified sense of optimism but I think this match may have come a little bit too soon for the Pochettino revolution.

After an initial surge of positivity, the last few games have brought Spurs fans back down to earth as the usual problems resurface. When Tottenham were 1-0 down on Wednesday night against Forest, Twitter was filled with outrage and predictions that Pochettino wouldn’t last past Christmas. Knee-jerk reactions are par for the course on social media but it’s Continue reading

Premier League predictions / preview – where will Spurs finish?

Premier League Predictions


The new Premier League season starts this weekend. With lots of new signings and several managerial changes, many teams will be optimistic, but how long will that optimism last?

After correctly predicting this summer’s World Cup final, I thought I’d have a go at forecasting the top positions in this year’s league – including where I think Spurs are likely to end up – as well as previewing the likely contenders.

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Spurs should improve while Arsenal deteriorate



Before the season began, much was made of the success of Spurs’ transfer strategy. The conventional wisdom was that Daniel Levy had turned a potentially disastrous negative – the loss of Gareth Bale – into a positive. We may have lost our best player, but we had ended up with a much more balanced squad. Well at least that was the narrative the media had chosen.

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Derby Disappointment

Arsenal Spurs North London Derby

Tottenham were brought down to earth with a bump in this chastening defeat.

There has been a great deal of optimism at Spurs since the change of manager. There have been some good results, not least at Old Trafford, and most importantly the team finally scoring some goals. It really felt that Spurs could carry this momentum into the game and record a famous victory. It didn’t turn out that way.

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