It’s not cool to back Arsenal


Before today’s game between Liverpool and Arsenal, some Spurs supporters on twitter were suggesting they would welcome an Arsenal victory. Let me just say this is not cool.

As a Spurs fan I would never support Arsenal. OK, if it was the last day of the season and an Arsenal win would hand Tottenham the title then yes. Grudgingly, and safe in the knowledge that handing us the trophy would upset them. But barely halfway through the season, to marginally improve our chances of coming fourth? What were they thinking?

The game is about winning, glory and rivalries, not hoping your biggest enemy wins so you can move slightly closer to fourth place.

So much can still change this season, there’s 42 points still available. Arsenal could finish a point off winning the title. Spurs could end up way behind or way ahead of Liverpool. Arsenal might even get dragged into the chasing pack like we did two years ago under Harry.

In the end the game finished in a thrashing for Arsenal. Spurs’ fans know as well as anyone how a bad result can affect team morale; we sacked our manager after a similar reverse against Liverpool. Add this to our neighbours’ history of mid season implosions and this could be a tipping point. Arsenal must face Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham in the next two months, as well as cup games against Bayern Munich and Liverpool, who knows where they will be after that. Maybe Spurs will be closer to Arsenal than to Liverpool.

As an aside, Liverpool’s incisive passing and movement off the ball is a joy to watch. Why can’t Spurs play like that?

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