Spurs shopping list – The four areas where Pochettino needs to strengthen

Pochettino and Levy

The transfer window opens in just over a weeks time. Pochettino has now had a chance to assess the squad, decide who to keep, who is surplus to requirements and where he needs to strengthen.

So what should the Spurs manager be looking for?

  • 1. A quick, powerful target man

One thing that has been obvious during Pochettino’s first few months is that Adebayor and Soldado aren’t up to scratch. Harry Kane has been a revelation, adjusting immediately to Premier League football but he is young and Spurs need more than one striker.

A target man with a bit of pace would complement Kane who, though impressive as a main striker, lacks speed and is more suited to playing off someone.

At any rate, with a long Premier League campaign ahead and interest in three cups, another striker that Pochettino can trust is a necessity.

Possible target: Wilfried Bony

  • 2. An authentic wide man

Spurs play better when they have someone to provide width. The opposition defence is stretched, the strikers receive better service and there is more space in the centre for the likes of Christian Eriksen to work their magic.

Chadli and Lamela have had their moments this term but both like to cut inside. Lennon did well against Hull and Everton but Pochettino obviously doesn’t think he’s the answer. We need a natural winger, preferably one with some pace (there’s that word again).

Possible target: ?

  • 3. A leader in the middle

Bentaleb and Mason have been great in central midfield but on some occasions their lack of experience and lack of strength (both are fairly light of frame) has shown. In the second half against Swansea they were overrun until Demebele came on and calmed things down using his ability to hold on to the ball despite the opposition’s aggressive pressing.

Unfortunately Dembele does not have the dynamism or forward passing needed when Spurs are on top.

Despite our plethora of central midfielders, none of them have all the skills required just yet.

Possible target: Morgan Schneiderlin

  • 4. A mobile centre back

Vertonghen needs a partner. Kaboul is too error prone. Chiriches too raw. Fazio looks Spurs’ best bet but his lack of mobility is a problem. Opponents have targeted him – as Burnley did on Saturday.

Pochettino’s system demands centre backs with pace.

Possible target: Virgil van Dijk


Daniel Levy has spent a lot of money but much of it has been misplaced. In the past, transfer policy seems to have been more about securing a bargain or the next big player than matching the needs on the pitch.

Of course, any new signings will probably depend on selling some of the current squad.

Pochettino now has his man in charge of recruitment, let’s see if this time round Tottenham strengthen in the key areas.

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Where do you think Spurs need to strengthen? Who would you buy? Will Levy back the manager? Let me know your opinions in the comments below.



22 thoughts on “Spurs shopping list – The four areas where Pochettino needs to strengthen


    We need at least one outstanding striker if we can find one to play alongside Kane and at least one very good defender as our defence needs strengthening. If we succeed in that, then we could be a force to reckon with during the second part of the season and all the fans, including myself, will be happy….

  2. Kevin

    What are your thoughts of Spurs close to securing Adrien Rabiot’s loan? I think he could be the solution to the middle and he is definitely a cheaper version of Schneiderlin.

    Though you have rightly identified the areas Spurs need to improve on, I was hoping that we buy less players and give our academy graduates like Winks, Onomah etc more chance.

    Coulthirst deserves a chance (at this point, he’s even a safer bet than Ade) and we have the option to recall so many of the players back like Carroll, Pritchard and Veljkovic.

    Also, don’t forget, we’re getting Yedlin in January. He’s a right back but has been known to play well as a right winger too :)

    1. JOHN ADAM

      I would also like to see Sigurdsson coming back to Spurs. We should not have sold him. Yedlin will definitely be a great addition and could make a difference to the team’s performance..I look forward to a ‘new look’ Spurs as from January onwards….

    2. AnythingButPenalties Post author

      Great points.

      It would be good if we could introduce some more academy players to fill these gaps but with three already in the team and a very young team I far we need a few experienced players to get the balance right.

      I am quite excited about Yedlin. From what I have seen right wing might suit him more.

      I have to admit I don’t know much about Rabiot. Seems promising but I think we still could do with Schneiderlin. We need an experienced leader in the middle and one who the manager trusts.

    3. HotspurForever

      Any chance of Adrien Rabiot’s loan or securing the services of Schneiderlin permanently? Other clubs which can offer them CL football are targeting them, so we have no chance of getting them at all. Right now, the one and only best bet is to play Dembele and I still rate him highly. He is a strong lad who holds the ball up well in midfield, can break up opposition’s attack and make accurate passes too. It was stated that he does not have the dynamism or forward passing ability but I think it’s down to the player himself whether he is willing to do it or not. Dembele definitely has the potential to do it and he shows that when he was playing for Fulham and he can’t be a bad player overnight. I hope DL don’t sell him and MP will still give him a chance in that middle of the park.

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  4. leftwingcrosser

    Do we need pace or power up front? Seems like we are looking more for speed to unlock our attacking mids

    1. AnythingButPenalties Post author

      Someone who could bully the opposition physically would occupy defenders and hold up the ball when we’re under pressure. Someone with pace to stretch them vertically could open up more space in midfield and get onto some of those breaks / through balls. So a bit of both would be preferable.

      I would say pace is the key attribute though.

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      1. Brian

        Good question. I actually think we need both but not necessarily playing in the same game every time. Kane cannot play every fixture. The competition would be good. Maybe they could play together sometimes – and I do not know how they would fit. I can, though, see Austin doing what we thought Soldado would do. BTW, I thik we could get Austin for £12 mill or so.

        On a more general note, I would prefer players with EPL experience.

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