FA Cup Team to face Arsenal

Some fans are suggesting we should play a second team in our FA Cup 3rd round tie against Arsenal. This depresses me; if you don’t think a cup game at the Emirates is important then you have some mixed up priorities. Besides after beating United we have some real momentum now and beating Arsenal would be invaluable for our confidence.

Having said this with our injuries we don’t have that many options to pick from anyway. At least Arsenal are running us close as the Premier League team with the longest list of players out.

Adebayor has apparently made a miraculous recovery from being stretchered off on New Years Day. I would therefore stick with the same team that won at United with the caveat that this is if everyone is really 100% fit:


Walker Dawson Chiriches Rose

Lennon Capoue Dembele Eriksen

Saldado Adebayor

Holtyby and Townsend would offer useful options on the bench.


What do you think? Please leave a comment.

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