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Mauricio Pochettino’s tactics through statistics

Pochettino and Bielsa

Pochettino with Bielsa

Mauricio Pochettino is the current favourite to be named the next Spurs manager. The Argentine coach has been heavily influenced by his compatriot Marcelo Bielsa – the legendary tactician behind Chile’s wonderful football at the last World Cup and Athletic Bilbao’s destruction of Manchester United in 2012. Pochettino’s time as a player and manager at Espanyol, the “other” team in Barcelona, has also had a part to play in developing his footballing philosophy.

So, what style do his teams play?

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Tim Sherwood – Lies, damn lies and statistics

Tim Sherwood has some great stats


Tim Sherwood has been pushing his credentials as Spurs manager again. With all the signs pointing to a summer exit, this may be more an attempt to tout himself for other jobs rather than to keep hold of his current position. A minority of fans have taken up his cause, seizing on  Continue reading