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The Problem With Gareth Bale

One of the things that our match against Arsenal demonstrated was the good and bad sides of Gareth Bale. On the positive side he was one of our most dangerous players, even after Adebayor was sent off and the game had swung in Arsenal’s favour, Bale was still causing problems and giving us some small hope of an unlikely comeback. He scored the second goal and if he had just slid the ball across to Defoe when through shortly afterwards we could have got the third goal which would have really tested Arsenal’s nerve.

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Europa League Suggestions

Europa League

I have just watched some of Spurs vs. Maribor in the Europa League. It was an interesting match and we won but I just can’t get excited about this competition. It is the European equivalent of the League Cup. Winning it would be nice, but when the games come round they just seem like a distraction.

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