A look at how Pochettino’s Spurs have changed this season through statistics


This season it feels like Mauricio Pochettino has finally got his Tottenham side playing the way he wants them to. There’s been a definite progression from last year. But do Spurs’ underlying numbers support this assertion?

Note: Absolute numbers are per game

  • Forward thinking

Spurs are creating more chances and scoring more goals.

14/15 15/16
Shots 13.9 15.8
Shots On Target 4.5 6.3
Goals 1.53 1.67


  • The case for the defence

They’re giving the opposition less to work with and conceding far less often.

14/15 15/16
Shots Against 12.9 12.3
Goals Against 1.39 0.83

Coupled with the increase in their own shots, this give Spurs a Total Shots Ratio (TSR) of 0.56, putting them 4th in the Premier League based on this useful indicator of performance. Last term it was 0.52.


  • Possession isn’t everything

We have a little less of the ball and our passes aren’t quite so accurate. Maybe that’s the result of a bolder style in possession?

14/15 15/16
Possession 55.3% 52.7%
Pass Success 81.2% 80.5%

This isn’t to say we don’t hold on to the ball well. Spurs still sit 7th and 8th for the two statistics respectively.


  • Getting closer

One problem last season was Tottenham’s reliance on shooting from distance. Now they have the guile and creativity to get into the penalty box more often.

14/15 15/16
Shots Outside Box 52% 43%
Penalty Area 43% 52%
6 Yard Box 5% 5%


  • Relentless pressure

Pochettino’s calling card – the Bielsa stye pressing game – is going from strength to strength, even if we do sometimes overstep the mark.

14/15 15/16
Tackles 21.4 23.9
Interceptions 17.8 18.5
Fouls 11.6 14.3

We now sit 1st in the league for both tackles and fouls.


So far it’s been a positive start to the season from Pochettino’s team. Game by game they look more like a team made in the manager’s image. It will be interesting to see how the season unfolds and whether these trends continue.

Just before Pochettino was appointed I took a look at what Southampton’s statistics said about their manager.

Have you been impressed by Spurs start to the season? Has Pochettino got the team playing his way? Can you tell why I have chosen the picture above for this post? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “A look at how Pochettino’s Spurs have changed this season through statistics

  1. Kevin

    The most impressive stat is certainly the number of goals we have conceded this season. It is great to see our goal difference on the positive side for once after so many seasons lingering in the negative!

    Picture: mentor and disciple – But I may venture to say that Poch is ‘refining’ Bielsa’s art of pressing.


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