He’s finally gone – Spurs say their goodbyes to Tim Sherwood

Sherwood in his Gilet


This week finally, inevitably, the axe fell on Tim Sherwood. Strangely, when he was eventually sacked I felt a pang of sadness for him. He probably wasn’t treated that well by Daniel Levy but then which manager has been?

Despite this, the overwhelming feeling was one of relief. Sherwood was ridiculously naive and inexperienced. There were bust ups with players, the team was disorganised, the tactics were either non-existent, bizarre or outdated. His “refreshingly honest” handling of the media gave him the look of a contestant on a reality TV program.

The thing that most annoyed me was the succession of media “personalities” and ex-players who lined up to bemoan his sacking and to tell off Spurs supporters, indignantly, for wanting him out. Mates of his, lazy bores and useful idiots – Jamie Redknapp fits into all three categories.

It was pretty obvious from the start that Levy only intended him as a caretaker. This was confirmed by reports that Sherwood’s contract had a break clause at the end of the season, which the club exercised. I wish him luck for the future and hope he finds a management position at a lower league team, where he has the time and space to learn. The top six of the Premier League is not the place for practising.

One statistic that has been doing the rounds provides an excellent riposte to those “best ever Spurs manager in the Premier League” claims. Sherwood may have had the best win percentage in league games but, if you instead choose to look at loss percentages in league and cup games together, a different picture emerges:

Manager Loss Percentage
Tim Sherwood 35.71%
Juande Ramos 31.48%
Martin Jol 29.53%
Harry Redknapp 25.25%
André Villas-Boas 20.00%


So Tim is statistically our worst manager in recent history!

Joking aside, the large percentage of losses, added to several thrashings against the top three and multiple defeats by our rivals West Ham and Arsenal, may go some way towards explaining the general feeling of disappointment and disillusionment felt by Spurs supporters this season.


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Did you want Sherwood to stay? What will be your memories of his time in charge? Please leave your comments in the section below.

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4 thoughts on “He’s finally gone – Spurs say their goodbyes to Tim Sherwood

  1. Kevin

    Well said about the media personalities – it was getting borderline stupid with all their whining about how Tim was mistreated. Bottom line, the job was available and he took it, nobody forced him. Yes the circumstances were unfortunate but the whole victimization was just getting annoying.

    On a different note, Pochettino our next manager?

    1. AnythingButPenalties Post author

      It looks like it will be and I’d be fairly happy. He’s done well at Southampton and has brought through some good young players. I think I’d still prefer de Boer but I wouldn’t complain. South American managers seem to be in vogue at the moment having won the Premier League and La Liga.

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