Spurs Transfer Thoughts

Dimitar Berbatov Spurs target, Photo: Nick Wikimedia

The transfer window has just over a week left to run and Spurs haven’t made any significant moves apart from announcing the departure of Jermaine Defoe. So what should Spurs be looking to do before the window closes?

It’s clear we should be aiming only to make minor changes to the squad. There’s an argument to say we shouldn’t bring in any new payers at all. The upheaval in the summer, where we made seven new signings along with bringing Townsend and Rose back from loan, has led to a very unsettled first half of the season. The seven new players, none of whom had Premier League experience, were always going to take time to settle. It’s no surprise that the team has lacked fluidity. The players are just starting to play as a team and now is not the time to introduce further major changes.

Daniel Levy’s time at Tottenham has been characterised by constant change. Change of managers, change of players. This clearly hasn’t worked. Now patience, a quality Levy appears to lack, is needed.

Having said that, there are a couple of areas I would strengthen if the right player became a available, left back being the most pressing. This position has caused problems for the defense all season; ever since we let Assou-Ekotto go to QPR on loan. Rose was injured early on and initially this deprived us of our best centre back as Vertonghen was forced to fill in.

Next Naughton, a clearly right sided player, was drafted in with predictable results (see our chastening defeat against Liverpool). Fredericks and Fryers have potential but we could do with someone with experience. It’s easy to forget Rose himself has very few games under his belt. The simple answer would be to bring BAE back from loan.

Secondly, it may be worth finding a striker to replace Defoe. I don’t see this as an immediate need as we have players who can fill in as a second striker (Lamela, Chadli). My worry is that Soldado hasn’t yet proved himself and Adebayor is an accident waiting to happen. Perhaps Harry Kane is the answer but he hasn’t impressed me in his few first team appearances.

One name that has been mentioned is Dimitar Berbatov our erstwhile front man. Spurs fans seem to be split into two camps here – some regard Berbatov as a traitor because of the manner of his departure, others look back with fond memories. I’m firmly in the latter camp. He may be frustrating but he’s fantastic entertainment. Creativity and unpredictability are attributes that would complement our current options and at a rumoured £1.5M he would be relatively cheap.

Finally, I would consider finding a new centre back, particularly one who is good in the air. Kaboul has had so many injury problems I don’t think we can rely on him. It’s sad but I also have worries about Dawson. He’s good in the air but otherwise I don’t trust him anymore. TottenhamBlog.com suggests Toby Alderweireld as a possible target.

Once Spurs’ injured players come back Sherwood will have a major selection dilemma, especially in the centre of the field. Sandro, Bentaleb, Dembele, Capoue, Holtby, Eriksen and Paulinho all have strong cases for inclusion. The main message from me is please don’t buy any more midfielders!


3 thoughts on “Spurs Transfer Thoughts

  1. Lilywhite Spur

    Good blog ABP, hadn’t come across it before until your entry on the other Tottenham blog.
    Agree fully with your sentiments, let’s just hope the reluctance of Timeeeeh to bring Berbs which could cause friction should Levy do it anyway not happen if they go for him.
    Long term, Timmy isn’t going to stay, I can see either Van Gaal or De Boer coming in, which I’m not against as I’m not a Timmy fan, but credit where it’s due, the guy is doing ok.
    The proof if whether he’s been lucky or decent will arrive before April once we’ve played decent sides rather than teams we should be beating.
    But we need to strengthen as you suggest at the back and at least get a proven scorer in. And Berbs is that bloke.
    Good blog mate.

  2. Hotspur Post author

    Thanks for the comment.

    I agree with you, Sherwood is unlikely to last past the summer. Still if he keeps up this form and makes 4th place he should stay. If he does go I would favour De Boer. Strangely he has a similar background to Tim, promoted from youth team development to manager at Ajax as a caretaker with no experience. Of course he then won three straight titles!

  3. Lilywhite Spur

    Pleasure bud.

    The slight difference us that Ajax have a long standing youth development that allows not only smooth continuation for players, but also for the coaches progressing through the ranks, the set up is hugely different to how the F. A. Organise the coaching set up over here.
    Plus Ajax is the equivalent of Liverpool and Man Utd combined in their domination of football in their own country, but in world terms, are the only Dutch team to produce on the international stage.
    The set up at Spurs is only recently erring on the side of producing coaches through the ranks.
    The problem is that if someone else does come in to replace Timmy, he’ll have to go because he’s got history for back stabbing and would make it hard for the new guy to perform how his wants to without undermining him.
    Just seen Mata looks en route to Old Trafford. Shame that however, if Eriksen can continue his progress then I think he’ll be as good or better in time then Mata.


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