I still can’t believe it…

I still can’t believe it. Tonight Tottenham Hotspur will play in the Champions League final!

I have supported Spurs for over 30 years, raised on stories of the great teams of the 50s and 60s – Greaves, Blanchflower, the glory of the 1961 league and cup double.

My dad was a boy then. He got to watch those teams. That is why I support Spurs. But here we have a chance to go one further than even the great Bill Nicholson managed, and become champions of Europe.

To have done it in such a strange season is even more astonishing. We became the first Premier League club ever to not buy a player in the summer transfer window, then doubled down in the winter. We were homeless for much of the year, stuck playing in a ground that became more and more depressing by the game. The injuries mounted up month by month – Alli, Winks, Kane.

But somehow we made it here.

I’m afraid to say, I don’t think I can enjoy the game. I’m just too nervous. But let’s hope I can enjoy the result. Let’s hope we can make history.

Come on you Spurs!

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