Spurs start to the season – no signings but the signs are positive

The big talking point going into the new season was Spurs’ lack of signings. Strangely, in the short term this may work out for us.

None of our big names left, contrasting with previous years.

My big worry over the summer, was the fear of losing Eriksen. He is a probably Spurs’ most important player. Like Modric before him, he makes the players around him better; they look disjointed without him.

In another change from previous seasons, we have a settled side who all know Pochettino’s plan. Traditionally we start slowly under the Argentine but this time round, after two games we have two wins.

Though a cliche, several players could be described as “like a new signing” – Alderweireld, Lamela Winks, Moura.

If Alderweireld can be reintegrated into the side that will be a big plus. He impressed against Fulham, calm at the back and imperious when starting attacks with his excellent range of passes. He also gives us more tactical variation, opening up the possibility to play three at the back.

Lamela is another bonus. He made a great cameo appearance yesterday, with a trademark run on the break, finished with a through ball to set Kane clear. Moura also looks ready to start – especially important given Son’s extended absence.

As a fan, one negative of the lack of new players is the missing excitement at the start of a new campaign. Add in the new stadium delays and it feels a bit like Christmas has been cancelled.

However, the real negative of the summer is the lack of investment in the future. Sessegnon, De Ligt, Kovacic – maybe even Grealish – all would have been signings with an eye on development. Hopefully Spurs youth players can at least partially fill that gap.

To that end, I’m really excited to see Winks fit again. He and Dier outplayed Madrid’s midfield, twice. England were crying out forĀ a composed, passing midfielder of his ilk this summer. Dembele’s increasing fragility makes his return particularly timely. Of course Winks is a very different player but his quick distribution may provide advantages in other areas to make up for the loss of the Belgian’s unique skill set.

Kane finally has his August goal, while Alli and Eriksen look sharp. Lloris has been good so far, especially when we had a brief wobble in the middle of the game against Fulham. His speed off his line to block Sessegnon was a particular highlight.

With two wins and a side that looks to be hitting its stride, things are looking up for Spurs.

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2 thoughts on “Spurs start to the season – no signings but the signs are positive

  1. anirvanmukherjeeblog

    Thanks Jon. Agree with everything you said. However, proof of the pudding is how we play against Chelsea, Liverpool and the 2 Manchester clubs. My fear is depth and lack of impact subs will be a problem brought about by lack of signings and the badly managed stadium cost bloating, likely to make the debt a millstone round our necks for many seasons to come.


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