Musacchio on Spurs’ radar – Levy must back Pochettino

Spurs target Mateo Musacchio


After the capture of 20 year-old Eric Dier, from Sporting Lisbon, reports suggest Tottenham are still looking to add another centre back to their squad. The latest name to be linked with a move to White Hart Lane is 23 year-old Villareal defender, Mateo Musacchio.

With Dawson looking unsuited to the new coach’s system, Kaboul injury prone, and Dier and Chiriches probably not first team regulars just yet, there is a clear need for a right sided centre back to partner Jan Vertonghen. As a player who can fill in at right back and who was voted the Villareal supporters’ player of the year last season – an impressive achievement for a defender – Musacchio sounds like an attractive option.

The Argentine centre back has some impressive statistics, averaging more tackles and interceptions than any Spurs player in that position last term, in a Villareal team that finished a creditable sixth in La Liga. He was even rumoured to be a target for Barcelona earlier in the summer.

However, the significance of this transfer isn’t just due to the opportunity to find a good fit for our defence. What happens over the next couple of weeks could be critical for Spurs chairman Daniel Levy.

Pochettino knows Musacchio, an Argentine who has prospered in the Spanish league. He’s the manager’s choice, rather than Franco Baldini’s. With the transfer of Pochettino’s top target, Morgan Schneiderlin, still hanging in the balance, it seems that Levy is at a crossroads again.

Last year, former manager Andre Villas-Boas’ choices fell by the wayside, one by one. Baldini seemed to have the final say when it came to new arrivals at White Hart Lane. These two transfers would make a clear statement that the Spurs chairman is backing the new manager.

Speed is of the essence. With the season close to starting, Tottenham should tie up their remaining business quickly. It is counter-productive to let transfers drag on. This has been another of Levy’s faults, presumably to negotiate over every last penny. It’s a false economy.

In previous years, Spurs have missed out on key signings, and negotiations have run into the start of the new season, destabilising the team. Let’s hope we’ve learnt from our mistakes and this time it’s different.

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Do you think we’ll end up signing Schneiderlin and Musacchio? Please let us know your opinion in the comments section below.


13 thoughts on “Musacchio on Spurs’ radar – Levy must back Pochettino

  1. White Hot Lane

    Levy will never change unfortunately, he’ll always be as tight as a camels arse in a sandstorm. Annoying thing is his brinkmanship and penny pinching actually costs us more money in the long term. Levy please support this manager.

  2. Adrian

    Must not have brinkmanship tactics on Pochettio’s transfer targets. This can cost us more in the long run. Act now!

  3. Carter (@2footedtackle)

    absolute rubbish! He is backing him – as he did with the Bale money when he reinvested it instead of banking it. It’s OK if you don’t like Levy but don’t make it up. We get enough of that from L****n24

    1. AnythingButPenalties Post author

      I am certainly not a Levy hater. I remember where we were before he took over the club and if he ends up building the new stadium I will be very grateful. Still he has his faults and dragging out transfer deals is certainly one of them.

    2. spurs82

      Yeah, of course hes backing him with cheap shit.waste of money with new contract with rose.levy is a joke and anything that’s 20 million always fall through .same old levy and your clueless

  4. Kevin

    I have the impression that this transfer is going to drag mainly because Villareal is asking 20mil (since they still owe money to Musacchio’s old club) and Spurs will only start at 16mil…

    This makes Dier’s 4mil transfer even more of a coup :)

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