The season begins…

As I type Leicester and Hull are already fighting out the first game of the shiny new Premier League season. Probably a harder one to call than any of the previous ones.

New “super-managers” at the three big spenders (United, City and Chelsea), and Klopp starting his first full season at Liverpool, could signal a return to the status-quo. While you would expect the new influx of managers to rejuvenate last season’s failing “big” clubs, they all have rebuilding jobs.

Can Leicester do it again (I don’t think so). Can Spurs improve on last season?

After last season’s third place, a degree of stability, plus logical transfers strengthening in two key areas, Tottenham look good for another positive year.

We could probably do with a creative presence to break down the massed ranks of defence that frustrated us on occasion last year and it’s a shame the deal for N’Koudou hasn’t gone through.

It’s hard to know what has gone on but the resignation of Paul Mitchell hints at problems behind the scenes. A key Pochettino ally, he was much hailed when he arrived back in 2014.

However, with a real chance of challenging at the top of the table and Champions League football to look forward Spurs fans should be optimistic about the future. It’s shaping up to be an unpredictable but very interesting season.


Have Spurs signed the right players? Is Mitchell’s resignation important? ┬áPlease leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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