Suarez bites again, while England go out with a whimper

Luis Suarez bites Chiellini


Last week I was complaining about the behaviour of Spurs and Cameroon left back, Benoit Assou-Ekotto. His head-butt seems rather tame now, after Louis Suarez raised the stakes, biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during his country’s win over Italy.

Just days after claiming that his goals against England had somehow proved us all wrong, he goes and proves us all right. I’m not quite sure how those goals were supposed to be a riposte anyway, nobody ever said he wasn’t any good at football – it was his judgement and character that was brought into question.

This is the third time Suarez has bitten somebody during a professional football match. Quite apart from the moral aspects of his actions, does he not realise that pictures of the incident were being beamed live round the World, while within minutes people were swapping clips on Twitter?

Now that Uruguay are through to the knock-out games, they need him more than ever. What a great stage to demonstrate his prodigious talent, a chance to make history. All that is now gone, as he’ll surely find himself banned for the rest of the tournament.


Meanwhile, England went out of Brazil 2014 with a whimper, drawing a meaningless game with Costa Rica, 0-0. The dispiriting and frankly quite surreal experience, of watching your team play a World Cup game when they are already out, revealed to me the extent of my disappointment. I, like many England fans, had managed to convince myself that I had no expectations for this tournament. The reality is, once the matches came around, I couldn’t help the optimism creeping back. Sometimes supporting England is very much like supporting Spurs.

What I really couldn’t understand, was Hodgson’s team selection for today’s match. It seemed he wanted to give the whole squad a game. Picking a young team and giving fringe players some experience made a lot of sense, but Frank Lampard and James Milner? What on earth was the point in that. England caps aren’t meant to be given out based on sentiment.

At one point we had the famous Gerrard-Lampard axis in central midfield. This must surely be the end of the road for these two, as far as England is concerned. Why honour a partnership that brought nothing but a decade of broken dreams and disappointment. At least now, maybe finally England can move on.

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Should Luis Suarez be thrown out of this World Cup? Does Hodgson deserve to keep his job as England manager? Please let us know your opinion in the comments section below.


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